Esther Spa

‘Esther Spa’ is another beautiful album in the ‘Spa’ series, from Iskelu. This one is a collection of meditative, ambient relaxation tracks, each reflecting the composer’s Christian spirituality.

Here, instead of Iskelu’s familiar global ambient World influences, you will find wonderfully calming soundscapes each with its own theme and musical progression. It’s a point that marks out the difference in how Iskelu composes in this genre – never happy to let a single chord drone on without some musical development of structure, rhythm, melody and harmony – rather untypical of many of the other artists and music in this genre. 

Creating music for relaxation without being boring or unmusical is what ‘Esther Spa’ offers, and reflects the Christian spirituality that runs through, and influences Iskelu’s music. 

Tracklist: Esther Spa; Heaven Sent; An Angel’s Prayer; Deeper Calls; Cana Song; Calling Eternity; The One; Light My Way; Seeing Thjrough Time; Sprit And Truth; A Touch Of Peace; Thouhgts Of Grace.

Available from all good Download Stores. Album and tracks available for licensing. Please get in touch for details. See also:

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